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Name:John Winchester

John Winchester - The Man

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Name: John Winchester
Status: Widower
Children: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Adam Milligan
Bio: As a young boy John Winchester decided to for go finishing high school and with the permission of his parents at the age of 17 he enlisted in the Marines. He went straight to Vietnam after basic training. He did his time there as a rifleman earning a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

The information on the dog tags is:

John was a rough young man with an eye for the ladies when he met Mary who would later become his wife. Their courtship went slow as John was afraid he was not good enough for her. He saw her as perfect and soft and feared tainting that. When Dean was 4 and Sam was 6 months old Mary died in a fire.

Mary's death tore John up inside and he slipped into a depression. Though something about that night never sat right with him. He met a woman named Missouri Mosely thatopened up John's eyes to the supernatural world. It was then that he learned of The Demon and that there were other children like Sam. Though he didn't find out until later that Sam had visions.

He spent his life hunting the supernatural and raised Dean and Sam to do the same. Though as Sam grew older he wanted a normal life and left home to go to Stanford. Dean stayed by his dad's side, though this caused a rift between John and Sam that would take years until the two met face to face once more to be resolved. He knew his younger son's pain after Sam had lost his girlfriend Jessica Moore. The two are now on good terms which makes John happy as they are all he has left.
Community Storylines.

Other notes from the mun
John will say hello to any version of Dean and Sam that wish to speak with him. He's good like that. He's very friendly though can be closed of a bit, depending on his mood.

John's prompts will be based on a few things, RP, already established show Canon,and using current show Canon as John's knowledge as well as John Winchester as written in Supernatural Origins and Rising Son.

Disclaimer: John Winchester is not mine, he belongs to Erik Kripke, and the producers and writers of CW's Supernatural. I'm also in no way affiliated with the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who portrays John. This is just for fun and I make no profit from this journal.

NOTE: If any Supernatural Pup wants to speak with John feel free to comment, as I know most I run into ignore John being alive. I figure you want to interact by just posting to him it lets me know that.

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